A Poem for Halloween

This is an older poem I wrote one October after a dear friend had died.  I post this in her memory today. I just finished final revisions on it. It is about the alchemical journey through each of the elements and from death to rebirth. It’s kind of long and more structured than my current poetry… I do hope you enjoy it.


After disarray
After the clicking noises
The crow cries out.
Perched high on a wire
It peers down at the box
Being lowered into that silent space.

What is that cry?
Beating in the deep stillness,
Conjuring mists rising,
Moving them to spill out
Into the night…
Over the Earth
Talk to the Earth

Connected to a chord
Tied around your center, I move
In circles with you, constantly
Drawn to what it is in you
That I am made of.

Deep into your complex,
Turbid layers – I squeeze
Out of you your secrets and rest
Against your brown skin.
With towering glances slanting
From branches green and gold
You push me gently
Into water
Talk to the Water

Ultramarine silences,
You keep your secrets well.
When your womb softness
Envelopes me, I ask
No questions, I linger
Submerged into all that you are.

Your deep echoes,
My own pulse, moving
From your blue channels
Into mine, in time
With the lunar pulling
Into the air
Talk to the air.

You breath and whisper
Sounds of magic men and women
Giving birth. Cries
From other places
That I will only hear
If I am still and listen.

Incessant, you chant the secrets
Of breathing life into Man,
Blowing light from flame,
But I am too solid to see
Into your winds, the sound
And the meaning blend into
The ancient pulse
Through the fire
Talk to the Fire.

Your sharp tongues
In the turmoil of ardor,
Through the heavy stench
of sulfur, soften the hard kernel,
depurate the alloy and expand
the thin, molten veins
which know relief.

After the kiss
I am mind no longer.
I have no thought,
no language with which
to ask any more questions.

I know this place
Ether openness
Lucid fog
The hush of strange chords
And white calm encircle
Something in me
So profound
I become dulcet and heavy
dulcet and heavy
Morpheus holds you
in his arms
Dulcet and heavy

The other end of night
Gives over to the damp,
Light gray tip of day.
Darkness opens its long fingers
Releasing the Mists,
Releasing them back
into the body to become
as they were
But Gold

And able to walk away
From that silent space
Back into disarray
Back into the clicking noises,
Under the mercury eyes of the Crow.

© 1992/2012 Sandra E. Walton

Note: In memory of my dear friend Sarah Bell. Having fought bravely against the torments of Rapid Cycling Manic Depression she found peace at the young age of 26 – she loved music.

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