Anchorage – A poem

I was born in Anchorage Alaska and moved back there in my mid twenties for a while. I will never forget late Autumn in Anchorage and the walks I would take around the inlet and down the long park strip. I think this poem captures the awe and serenity of those walks. I just finished it today, been working on it for a while. When I started it it was around two pages of free writing then over time I shaped and trimmed, added and removed. In the last few days I have completed revisions of three other poems I will be posting over the next week! Revision is just that – re-visioning – going back to the original vision and telling it again until you have all that you want to capture and nothing that detracts from the flow. The process borders on alchemical for me. The creation (and completion) of a poem is an amazement to me always.

Comments are most welcome. I always deeply consider the thoughts of my readers.


The night dark sky
Falls early. 4pm
Like midnight,
Snow glares white
Against the black
Silhouettes of the pines.

Wisps of smoke
String from houses
In unnatural silence.
Street lamps glow
Amber pink
As ice fog
Smooths in
Covering every branch,
Twig and pole,
My coat, my hood,
My gloves,
My breath,
My Sight and smell.
The opaque air soft
As I walk through
The dull glow
Of the lamps.

I walk through
A city where
No city should be.
Ocean closing fast
The south, hard waters
Frozen and asleep
Drifting slowly above
Deep currents, melting
Into long shores
Of gray mud flats.

An eternal North
Where the Chugach
Meets the shores with
Huge solemn glances,
Towering over this
Small scatter of buildings,
Houses and roads forced
Between frozen water
And frozen rock.

©2012 Sandra E. Walton

Me at Portage Glacier!

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