From my free writing today

I do free writing every morning – 3 pages at least. It ranges from the simple rant to my deepest philosophical thoughts. At night I try to do 2-3 pages of just creative writing, especially if I have not gotten any writing done during the day. That is 5 pages a day minimum, that makes me happy. Often when I write I get moments of clarity. Today I got a moment of clarity surrounding my writing and my painting and the recipe I need to achieve a certain contentment as a creative. I think almost every creative can relate to this so I am sharing it. When you can distill your thoughts into little chunks you can focus on, you can begin to answer the question of how to make them happen. I recommend taking a little time to think, maybe write about what you need to really thrive as an artist. A few things that would change everything. I hope I can make the below happen for me, and I hope you can make your creative recipe happen for you.

December 7

If I could clear up just a few fundamentals as an artist I would be happy 1) What do I want to consistently paint about, body of work sort of thing. I have the desire, the passion, the skill I just lack continuity of vision right now.  2) How to tap into and channel that sporadic poetic muse and 3) A driving theme for my fiction. What format – Short story, long fiction, autobio, inspiration… what? And once I have the what, what would be the p.o.v. and voice of the work. Add an increased focus and I’d be golden. It would be like having wings. I’ve never gotten it down to such a recipe before.