New in the Zoo…

The fun news is that I am in an art show this month! The first annual student art show at the Neoteric Renaissance School of art. My old master’s copy, the Bargue Leg will be in it along with sight size figure drawing from some great talent!

neotericshow_postcard2It feels really good to take a piece that you have worked so hard on and frame it, elevate it. It says something to yourself about how serious you take yourself and your journey. I want to frame more work now. The only problem there is affording the frames! The pastels are notoriously difficult to frame as well. One of many reasons why I am turning my focus to the oils.

In other news, I have been working hard an a new Grisaille underpainting of a new work. The figure is a study I just started from a psychiatric patient photograph by Dr. Diamond from the 1850’s. Below is an in process photo. I am pleased at how the face is coming along!

Finally, I have launched a new website at!! A brand new orignal art gallery, poetry salon and my online shop for my painted jewelry, news, a new site blog and more! I love it. I think this is the best site I have had and think I will stay with this for a while, a long while


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