Two short poems

Here are two short poems I wrote today. The first one I wrote looking out my window during the current storm here on the west coast. The second I wrote trying to get into the head space to write a poem for my love’s Christmas card.

I often write short little poem bursts like this just before I tap into a longer run. I find it hard to find my poetry lens when I sit down to write. It is a subtle shift in voice from the mundane to the sublime combined with sustained focus. I am taking a workshop in the Spring and will have to write at least one poem per week so I am going to need some practice finding that lens – so that means lots of little poems probably.


When  the treetops sway hard
Against the grey storm sky
My soul stands still
Watching, waiting for one moment
To pass by
Sublime and ancient
In its silence.


Blackberries from the bush,
Finally, resilience
Among things that fade
And pass. The certainty
Of life held and offered,
Taken and eaten, softly
With lips stained
and  sweet.


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