My latest abstract painting – Delineation

I paint in a number of styles from symbolism to landscape to abstracts. My abstract paintings are either mixed media or painted in acrylic on board or canvas. My great heroes are Joan Miro and Paul Klee so you see a lot of influence of theirs on my work. They are small, intimate paintings. This one is a 9″x12″ acrylic on stretched canvas. I prefer to paint in oils but am not able to at the moment because I do not have studio and my apartment is not conducive to the fumes of turp and solvents (and my landlord won’t let me paint with solvents anyway – sigh). One thing acrylic causes me to do is work with lines, delineated areas, no matter how complex the curvature there is no bleeding into or shading of the areas. That is a quirk to me only emerges when painting with acrylic and it just is what it is. Not having a studio also influences the size of my work. I live in a tiny flat so my works have become quite small in intimate. I am going back to college in the spring and taking some art classes so that will give me access to studio space again. I am definitely going to be working on larger oils again, and I can not wait! So here is my latest. Let me know what you think! (To see more of my paintings check out the Gallery.)

Delineation, Acrylic on Canvas

What Say You?

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