New Poem: A Case for Hope

My latest poem. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

A Case for Hope

Hope does not offer itself
Easily to me, and lingers
Between the thin threads
Of construct and essence.

It is no doubt a creature
Of the mind – designed
To create the ability to bare
One’s miserable state
With dignity, a tool of politic
Aimed at quelling discontent.
And though these are so,
It seems also
That there is an essence to it
That can be embraced
By that ineffable heart
Of our humanness.

Its quality has led the best
And the least to survive
Life’s greatest miseries.
It is the momentum
Which drives our hero’s
journey.  It is the prayer
Of birth, the foundation
Of all things new.

Both are true.
Hope is a creature
And an essence and
So can be found
When once lost,
Practiced until it arrives
Again, like the muse
Must be coaxed
To return.

Hope is sensible.
It is better to embrace
The truth, a sunrise
And the stars that shine
Even In the saddest corners,
Than to live daily
With the bitter taste
That there is no future
To build
From our despair.

It is the more reasonable
Path, the way that sets
The best outcome.
In its very nature
Action is encouraged,
And in that building up –
A slowing of the entropy
That apathy engenders.

In this way I discover
Hope’s essence, by consuming
Its meaning – its path
For me is a choice.  A practice
I must pursue
With all my heart because
It is my very heart
That on it depends.

 © 2012 Sandra E. Walton

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